Yuri Neyman, ASC — The Global Cinematography Institute

This month Sean is speaking with one of the co-founders of the brand new Global Cinematography Institute in Los Angeles, Yuri Neyman, ASC.

Yuri co-founded the new school with fellow director of photography, Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC and is an accomplished director of photography, educator and film industry innovator. As a director of photography, Yuri is best known for his work on the breakthrough indie film 'Liquid Sky' and the neo-noir thriller, 'D.O.A.', starring Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. As a technological innovator, he developed the 3cP system, which allows a director of photography to communicate on-set color grading decisions directly to the colorist, thereby avoiding creative miscommunication and costly mistakes. The system has been widely adopted and employed in today's film industry. Yuri also developed the curriculum for a course he taught at AFI for several years called "History of Cinematography", which led him eventually to the idea for The Global Cinematography Institute. The program not only emphasizes traditional cinematography but also expanded cinematography, which includes digital and what Yuri calls "virtual cinematography," training the directors of photography of today to also be directors of imagery for 3D worlds of tomorrow.

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