Suzanne Lloyd — Harold Lloyd

In this inaugural episode, Sean interviews Suzanne Lloyd, granddaughter of silent film comedy legend, Harold Lloyd.

The goal of The Camera Report is to inform and inspire a new generation of filmmakers. Each episode will feature a distinguished guest from the world of cinema --- cinematographers, directors, other craftsmen and women and sometimes (as in the case of Ms. Lloyd), experts on film history.

Harold Lloyd stands alongside Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin as one of cinema's most influential early filmmakers and silent film comedians. Harold's movies have been loved by generation after generation and continue to inspire filmmakers. The picture of Harold's "Glass Character" hanging from a lofty clock in 1923's 'Safety Last' is one of cinema's most enduring images.

Suzanne was raised by Harold and her grandmother Mildred, and when Harold passed away in 1971, she became one of three trustees of Harold's estate at the young age of 19. Today she is the sole trustee of that estate, and she travels all over the world promoting her grandfather's work and legacy, working tirelessly to see her grandfather's films restored to their original grandeur. Sean talks to Suzanne about some of her grandfather's experiences in the early days of the film industry (and what it was like growing up with him).

The Camera Report is produced by Brad Malone and Sean Malone. For more episodes please visit, and click on the PODCAST link - Subscribing is easy and free. Also, search for "Waterfoot Films" on Facebook and then "Like" us to see updates. Thank you and enjoy!


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