Seamus McGarvey, ASC, BSC — ‘Anna Karenina’ (BSC Edition)

Seamus McGarvey, ASC, BSC is one of today's most sought after cinematographers, and for good reason. His body of work bears out his ability to light and shoot across a variety of genres, from opulent, classically beautiful costume dramas like 'Atonement', to the simple yet sleek sci-fi look of 'The Avengers', to the more documented styles of movies like 'High Fidelity' and 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'. Coming soon for Seamus is 2014's 'Godzilla', but while prepping for that highly anticipated monster movie, Seamus took some time to talk to us about 'Anna Karenina', his third feature film collaboration with director Joe Wright, and the reason for Seamus' recent Oscar nomination.

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