Danny Cohen, BSC — ’The King’s Speech’

In this month's episode, Sean speaks to Academy Award nominated cinematographer, Danny Cohen, BSC.

Danny earned that nomination for his beautifully realized work on "The King's Speech," which also brought Danny nominations for an ASC award and his 3rd BAFTA Award nomination. His other films include "This is England," "Pirate Radio" and the groundbreaking HBO mini-series "John Adams."

Sean talks to Danny about the visual language of "The King's Speech," the challenges of shooting on location and Danny's work on the upcoming spy action/comedy, "Johnny English Reborn" which hits theaters in the US October 21st.*

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*Note: In the interview, Sean states that "Johnny English Reborn" hits theaters in the US October 28th. This is incorrect. The date has been changed to October 21st since the time of the interview.


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